Brighton & Hove City Council has signed up to the Park Active scheme, being led by the British Parking Association.  

The initiative aims to help improve your health and wellbeing, reduce congestion and carbon emissions, cut down on the cost of travel and provide support for high streets and city centres.  

The following car parks are now Park Active car parks: 

  • London Road  
  • King Alfred  
  • Norton Road 

About Park Active

When a fully active or sustainable journey isn't possible, we are encouraging residents, visitors and commuters to use these car parks when travelling to the city. Onward journeys can then be taken by bicycle, on foot or by public transport. 

Using a Park Active car park and continuing your journey via an active travel mode will help to contribute to a more sustainable city centre. 

Look out for signage within our Park Active car parks to see wayfinding for walking, cycling and public transport of popular routes into the city and to key attractions.  

All Park Active car parks are situated near BTN BikeShare hubs should you wish to continue your journey by bike.  

The Park Active project is working in collaboration with BetterPoints by rewarding greener and healthier behaviour. Download the BetterPoints app to log your active onward journey from Park Active car parks and start earning rewards to spend at local businesses or donate to local charities.

Recording a 'Park Active' activity using Betterpoints

When you are about to set off on your onward journey from one of the car parks, you must: 

  1. Tap the Play ▶ button in the top right corner of the app 
  2. Select the "Park Active" icon 
  3. Begin your active or sustainable journey 
  4. When you arrive at your destination, tap "Complete" 
  5. Complete the super-quick survey if prompted to do so. 

An automatically tracked journey won't allow you to earn this reward, so make sure to follow these instructions to avoid missing out!