A259 on-road cycle lane

We have installed a temporary on-road westbound cycle lane in the nearside traffic lane between West Street and Fourth Avenue, Hove. 

The cycle lane is up to 3m wide to accommodate all types of cycles. This includes adapted and passenger-carrying cycles, as well as families travelling together.

The cycle lane is separated from traffic with plastic bollards and barriers. This protects the cycle lane from illegal parking and improves safety for cyclists.

A man and a woman cycling towards the camera, along the cycle lane on Brighton seafront.

Pavement widening

We have temporarily widened the pavements in various locations across Brighton & Hove. This is to provide additional footway space for people to pass each other safely, including around customers queuing outside shops.

Pavement widening at the following busy locations has been prioritised:

  • Western Road - we have temporarily moved the bus stop outside Waitrose to the east to widen the pavement
  • Church Road, Hove - we have relocated the Hove Town Hall bus stop outside NatWest to Tisbury Road to widen pavement space, we have also widened the pavement outside St Andrew’s Church to help people physically distance around the bus stop
  • St James’s Street - we have widened the pavement near Morrisons and further along the street to help people physically distance at pinch points
A widened pavement with temporary plastic bollards separating the road from the pavement.
  • London Road - we have relocated the bus stops near Aldi to further along the road and we have widened the pavement to help people physically distance


We have also restricted through-vehicle access in The Lanes so that extra space could be created for people walking and cycling.

Madeira Drive

Madeira Drive was closed to motor vehicles in April 2020 to allow residents a safe space to exercise during the first lockdown period.

It was reopened to eastbound vehicles in October 2020, with entry from the Palace Pier roundabout, exiting at Duke’s Mound. We did this to help create a shared space for motorists, cyclists, pedestrians and Blue Badge holders in the city.

We have now completed the second phase of work. This included:

  • reallocating road space to install a 4m wide protected cycle lane, ensuring the lane is wide enough for all types of bikes
  • almost doubling the number of Blue Badge bays
  • changing the orientation of parking and pay and display spaces for easier use
  • reduced speed from 30mph to 20mph throughout route

The Environment, Transport and Sustainability committee agreed the changes in September through an Experimental Traffic Regulation Order (ETRO). This means we can develop the scheme further if we need to. You can also comment on the changes up to 29 November 2021.

We will continue to develop the Duke’s Mound junction as part of the Black Rock rejuvenation.