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People in Brighton & Hove can now get rewards when they choose active and sustainable travel.

The ‘Move for Change’ initiative, powered by the BetterPoints app, launched this year to encourage and reward residents and employees for walking, cycling, and using public transport.

When you sign up to the Move for Change challenge on the Betterpoints app, you can collect points which can be exchanged for discounts and vouchers at local shops.

When you use the app, you can also earn or win BetterPoints or BetterTickets (for monthly online raffle prizes), when you take part in surveys and competitions.

Please follow government guidance on COVID-19 travel restrictions when you travel around the city.

Active travel

Walk, run or cycle to earn one BetterPoint per minute, up to 60 minutes per day for your active travel around Brighton & Hove.

A man and a woman walking towards the camera along a pedestrianised road in Brighton.

Sustainable travel prize draw

You could win 1 of 3 prizes of 5,000 BetterPoints each week by travelling to Brighton & Hove by bus or train. You earn one BetterTicket for every journey over one mile.

Ditch the car star survey

Share your active travel and behaviour change story of how you start your day. This could be walking your commute or how you're incorporating being active into your day.

You could win 10,000 BetterPoints.

Spread the word prize draw

Tell your friends, family, neighbours and colleagues all about the challenge. If you refer a friend from the app menu, you earn 10 BetterTickets in our prize draw.

We'll give away 10 lots of 1,000 BetterPoints each month.

Plus, you can earn bonus BetterTickets for making habits stick and travelling on certain routes in the area during the year. We'll update you when these rewards launch.

How you redeem or donate your BetterPoints

BetterPoints are redeemable for great local discounts and high street shopping vouchers.

You can also donate your points to charity or even use them to support local schools, clubs or community organisations.

To let us know who you want to support, send an email to customercare@betterpoints.uk or visit 'help' in the app menu.

We will be supporting: