The Active and Inclusive Travel Forum was created at the beginning of 2021. The aim is to provide a positive, proactive place to share information and views on schemes and initiatives that support more active and inclusive forms of transport.  

The focus of the forum is to: 

  • identify issues and user experiences which can inform the development of future schemes and practical solutions to problems
  • offer views on effective ways to influence travel behaviour and support initiatives to encourage walking and cycling
  • encourage partnership work and knowledge and information sharing on active travel across the city

The forum includes a representative from each of the council’s political groups. Council officers from various relevant directorates are also invited to attend.  

External stakeholder organisations representing the following interests are invited to be involved in the forum.

These include: 

  • cycling 
  • walking 
  • urban design 
  • environmental protection / sustainability 
  • disability representation 
  • Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic representation 
  • LGBTQ+ representation 
  • young people 
  • older people 
  • Local Action Teams 
  • Voluntary and community sector coordination 
  • Transport operation and promotion 
  • Major trip-generators 
  • health and education sectors 

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