Business rates - difficulties with your finances

What help is available for paying your bill?

We do understand that it may be difficult to pay your Business Rates from time to time. Check to see if we can reduce your bill with an exemption or rate relief.

If you are still having trouble, the earlier you contact us, the less your arrears will build. We may be able to change your payment date or work with you on a repayment plan.

Late payments

The following process happens automatically for all late payments:

  • we send you a reminder, normally within 12 days of a late payment
  • if you do not respond within seven days, we send a court summons for the full year's amount
  • the summons includes extra costs of up to £125
  • if you do not pay, the Magistrates Court will issue a Liability Order
  • the debt is then passed to our enforcement team, which could lead to removal of goods or insolvency

Other help