A  seated young man to the left speaks to an older seated man on the right who is resting his hands on a walking aid.

Dementia Action Week - city events 16 to 22 May

Hundreds of people are living with dementia in the city, with many undiagnosed. Dementia Action Week this month highlights the value of early diagnosis and we're supporting this, with partners, to stage dementia friendly events.

Illustration of the Covid-19 virus with the text: Stop Covid

Protect your friends, family and the NHS

Positive cases are high and impacting our schools, businesses and the NHS as well as individuals. Do what you can to lower your chances of catching and spreading COVID-19.

Graphic representation of a daffodil made from intersecting yellow and green shapes - used as a logo for the National Day of Reflection

National Day of Reflection

Two years since the start of the first lockdown the national Day of Reflection, gives us a chance to connect, support the people who are grieving, and remember those we've lost.