Yellow background with a black illustration of a corona virus and the words 'stop Covid'

We must remember that Covid is still around

With the number of Covid cases rising slightly this week, it's a reminder that it's still around and to keep up the good habits to help infections stay low.

Illustration of the Covid-19 virus with the text: Stop Covid

Promising start to route out of lockdown

The number of confirmed cases of Covid-19 in Brighton & Hove continues to fall as lockdown measures ease. It is essential to keep following the safety guidance to stop the virus spreading again.

illustrated Covid virus with words Stop Covid

Stay Covid safe this Easter weekend

The number of confirmed cases of Covid-19 in the city came down again last week but Alistair Hill, director of public health, warns that Covid could spread as people begin to mix again.


Coronavirus update - Tuesday 11 February

City leaders this afternoon gave reassurance to residents and visitors about action being taken following reports of coronavirus in the city. Teams have been working round the clock to prevent the spread of the virus.