A schoolchild holding a paper cache map of the east with a sign saying 'dying planet' pinned to it. There is a bus and other people gathered in the background.

COP26 is six months away - how you can help

Today marks six months until the UN conference on climate change which will be held in Glasgow, so we thought residents might like some ways to reduce their carbon footprint.

Child's hands holding a globe with a city at sunset in the background

Taking forward our climate actions

We declared a climate and biodiversity emergency in 2018 and have been working on more actions to reduce emissions, provide clean energy and enhance natural habitats.

The Living Coast, Brighton & Hove & Lewes Downs UNESCO World Biosphere Region, logo

Explore The Living Coast by Bike

You can now visit the South Downs, towns and coast of Brighton & Hove known as The Living Coast, the UK’s only urban UNESCO World Biosphere Region, by bike.