Thumbs up for Aldrington School Streets

One of schools to join the city’s School Streets scheme is giving it a big thumbs up.

Children, parents, carers and staff at Aldrington C of E Primary School have been enjoying a safer journey to the classroom since May.

It’s since a gate was installed on Eridge Road which closes it to non-exempt motor vehicles during drop off and pick up times.

Headteacher Verity Coates said: “We’ve been very pleased with how the School Street has worked. 

“With the road closed, we see more children walking, cycling, and scooting to school. 

“The gate makes the road a lot safer during pick up and drop off times and parents and carers have expressed their appreciation of this and been very understanding about doing 'park and stride' instead. 

“Homeowners in the street have been very supportive as well. It’s also a great chance for staff to greet the children at the start of the day."

children and parents walking to school

Picture: Children and parents walking to Aldrington Primary School

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More School Streets on the way

On Thursday 6 July, members of the Transport and Sustainability committee agreed to make the current School Streets scheme at Downs Junior School permanent.

Work will also begin next week, starting Monday 7 August, on two new schemes at Hangleton Primary and Balfour Primary schools.

This will involve new signage, lining, building out some parts of the pavement and some ‘raised table’ junctions.

This work is beginning in the school holidays to minimise disruption. Work continuing for the start of the new term will be restricted to between 9am to 3pm so as not to disrupt the school run. 

On Friday 14 July we also held a successful taster day for the upcoming School Streets scheme at Balfour to give the school community and local residents a taster of how it will work in practice.

Councillor Trevor Muten, Chair of the Transport and Sustainability committee said: “I’m really pleased to see School Streets working so well across the city.

“We’ve had a very positive reaction to the scheme at Aldrington and the taster day at Balfour was a great success. 

“School Streets means its safer for our children to get to and from the classroom, but it also encourages more families to walk, scoot and cycle. I’m really looking forward to seeing more schemes in the future.”