Thanks to residents following first leader’s surgery

The first in a series of sessions for residents to personally meet the Leader of the Council was held last week when people brought their ideas to Councillor Bella Sankey and questioned her on the progress of the council.

The first Leader’s Surgery was on Friday 11 August in the Brighton Centre in Regency Ward.

Others will be held regularly across the city, giving residents the opportunity to raise any concerns and share their ideas.

Valuable feedback

After the surgery, Councillor Sankey said: “I’d like to thank everyone who came along to talk to me.

"It’s extremely valuable for me and my team to hear directly from residents about their needs and concerns – on both local and national matters.

“The issues discussed last week included support for victims of domestic violence, the lack of central government support for Free School Meals for children not in mainstream school, improving our recycling service, installing more water fountains in the city and getting the lift by the i360 working again.

“These are all high on our agenda and I’m looking into what we can do.

“I’ll be holding more of the surgeries across the city over the next few months to hear from as many residents as possible so they can share their ideas for a better Brighton & Hove with me.

“The next surgery will be in September. We’ll publicise the date, time, venue and booking details as soon as they’re confirmed.”

A better Brighton & Hove for all  

The leader’s surgeries support the council’s vision for a 'better Brighton & Hove for all' in their new Council Plan for 2023 to 2027.

The plan outlines 4 key outcomes: 

  1. A city to be proud of 
  2. A fair and inclusive city  
  3. A heathy city where people thrive 
  4. A responsive council with well-run services 

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