Tackling anti-social behaviour – improving our service for residents in council homes

A new policy to tackle anti-social behaviour affecting residents in council homes was agreed by the Housing Committee on 18 January.

The aim of the policy is to improve the council’s response to anti-social behaviour (ASB) for residents on our council housing estates. 

It focuses on reducing harm for victims by preventing anti-social behaviour from occurring, and carrying out swift action where possible to resolve ASB when it does occur. 

It pledges to take a victim-centred approach and keep victims and witnesses updated on action taken to tackle ASB. 

A review of the existing Housing Anti-Social Behaviour Policy was carried out following a request from residents, and council tenants and leaseholders helped shape the new policy. 

Measures to improve our Housing ASB service include: 

  • A co-ordinated approach when anti-social behaviour affects the wider community, with many victims and/or more than one perpetrator 
  • An emphasis on partnership working with other council services, the police, and other interested parties to tackle problems 
  • Use of Community Protection Notices – these could be used to stop people carrying out ASB which affects the local community, such as playing loud music or regularly holding disruptive social gatherings in public areas on our estates  
  • Regular updates for residents – to keep them better informed about what is being done to deal with anti-social behaviour 
  • Publicising court cases – to highlight legal action taken against perpetrators 

Strengthening and speeding up our response

Councillor Siriol Hugh-Jones, Co-chair of the Housing Committee, said: “Everyone should be able to live peacefully and feel safe in their homes and communities, and not suffer from anti-social behaviour, nuisance or harassment.  

“We’re responding to feedback from residents and strengthening and speeding up our Housing response to anti-social behaviour.

"Our new policy sets out what residents can expect from our service and makes a clear statement that we will not tolerate anti-social behaviour and will take swift action to deal with it.  

“We will also be working with residents and other council services and other agencies to prevent anti-social behaviour from occurring in the first place.” 

Further information 

Housing Committee report and draft Housing Anti-Social Behaviour Policy see agenda item 58 

Reporting anti-social behaviour