Supporting Road Safety Week - campaign encourages safety and respect

A social media campaign is promoting the benefits slower speeds have on travelling around Brighton & Hove during Road Safety Week.

Two new videos produced by our Road Safety team are highlighting the benefits slower speeds can have on our own interactions with other people.

By taking extra care, it allows us to be more aware of other road users, including cyclists and pedestrians and allows for a calmer, friendlier environment.

One of the videos shows a driver stopping at a zebra crossing for a family while the other shows an interaction between a van driver and cyclist merging from a side street.

Safer roads

Road Safety Week is an annual campaign promoted by the road safety charity Brake.

This year’s focus is on speed – five people are killed on the UK’s roads every day.

Find out more about Road Safety Week.

Slower speeds, safer communities

Councillor Trevor Muten, chair of the Transport and Sustainability committee said: “This campaign is not just about promoting road safety, but also friendlier interactions between everyone using our roads and pavements.”

“We all know the safety benefits slower speeds can have, but it also gives us time to react to the busy city around us and the people living and working here.

“It’s always good to be reminded of why slower speed can be beneficial for everyone.”  

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