Stay strong, steady and independent this April

From the age of 30 our muscle strength and balance starts to decrease, and this increases our risk of having a life-changing fall. In fact, one in three people over 65 will have a life-changing fall this year.

The good news is that you can reduce this risk with just 10 to 20 minutes of strength and balance activity at least twice a week.

To help you find an activity that can support you and that you enjoy, we’re running a two-week programme of taster sessions for anyone aged 50+ in Brighton & Hove.

Stay Strong, Stay Steady, Stay Independent is a programme of local events running from Monday 17 to Sunday 30 April to raise awareness of the importance of strength and balance exercises to help people stay independent and age well.

Book a taster session to support healthy ageing

The programme will showcase low cost, organised instructor-led sessions in venues across the city and online, with a choice of drop in and bookable events.

Over the fortnight, you'll have the chance to try out dance, fitness, Zumba, table tennis, Thai Chi, yoga, Boccia and more. There are also opportunities to meet others for a chat, and for those you care for to be looked after. There really is something for everyone.

Not sure what to try out, try Active Forever

If you’re not sure what activities you want to try, you can pop along to Active Forever on Wednesday 19 April, between 10am and 1pm. The council’s Healthy Lifestyles team will be there to show you a range of activities or for you to discuss your health and wellbeing. You can also pick up brochure or talk to someone about the other events going on.

Alistair Hill, Brighton & Hove Director of Public Health said:

“Keeping active and doing regular physical activity will improve our strength and balance to help us maintain our independence as we age.

“There’s a wide choice of activities and support available in Brighton & Hove all year round, but it can be difficult to know what’s out there.

“Stay Strong, Stay Steady, Stay Independent is a fantastic way to find an activity that’s right for your fitness and ability levels or talk to someone about any support you might need.

“Hopefully you’ll find something you enjoy and can keep up long after the event has finished.”

Find out more

You can see the full list of activities available at or pick up a programme from a library near you. You can also contact the Ageing Well service on 01273 322947 for more information.

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