Save money and protect the environment by reducing food waste

This week is Food Waste Action Week, the UK’s biggest annual food waste reduction campaign. Led by climate action charity WRAP, this year’s theme is ‘Win. Don’t Bin’ and encourages making the most of the food you buy. 

Globally, around 25 to 30% of all food produced is wasted, while food and farming systems cause 80% of biodiversity loss and one third of global gas emissions.  

Most food thrown away is household food waste – in fact, the average UK family of 4 throws away £60 worth of food every month.

Reducing food waste at home is a useful way to save money while helping to protect the environment and minimise greenhouse gas emissions.  

Learn more about how food waste and use affects climate change.  

10 tips to reduce food waste 

Brighton & Hove Food Partnership have collated further advice on how you can reduce food waste at home and resources for businesses tackling food waste. You can also discover recipes and tricks for reducing food waste in the ‘Waste Less. Save More’ guide. 

Share your ideas, tips and recipes  

We’ve launched a new food-focused project on our Climate Conversations platform to help residents and communities reduce their food waste. Join the conversation by sharing your ideas, tips and recipes. 

Explore local food projects 

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