Protecting the coastline of Brighton & Hove 

The next steps are being taken on a project which will help protect our coastline from the risk of flooding for years to come.

Planning and Marine licence applications have been submitted to construct two rock armour revetments, a protective layer of rock, adjacent to Basin Road South. 

The revetments would help to protect these areas from erosion by absorbing the energy from the incoming waves.

Site surveys are being carried out at the moment and if approved, work would begin later in the summer. 

We’ll soon be installing information boards at locations where work is scheduled to take place. We’ve also been engaging with local stakeholders in preparation, including the Hove Deep Sea Anglers Club.

Working with JBA Consultants, a virtual engagement room has also been created where you can find out more about the scheme.

An image of the sea and a rock wall

Picture: example of rock revetment at Undercliff Walk

Defending our coastline against climate change

The work is part of a long-term project, called the Brighton Marina to River Adur Flood and Coastal Erosion Risk Management Scheme.

Working in partnership with Adur District Council, Shoreham Port, the Environment Agency and the Western Esplanade Management Company, its aim is to improve our coastal defences along a 10km stretch between Brighton Marina and the River Adur. 

It’s primarily funded by the Environment Agency, however all the partners have an interest in maintaining the frontage, and so are also paying a proportional amount for their respective frontage.”

Climate change and rising sea levels mean residential and commercial properties along the coastline are at risk of flooding without intervention.

Other work will include

  • repairing and strengthening floods walls and defences where necessary
  • replacing existing flood walls and defences that cannot be repaired or provide insufficient protection, and
  • installing new timber Groynes along Kings Esplanade

Read more about the Brighton Marina to River Adur Flood and Coastal Erosion Risk Management Scheme.

Check out the Virtual Engagement Rooms

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