Protect the environment with discounted composters and water butts

Would you like the opportunity to save water, create your own compost and have a positive impact on our environment?

From 1 April 2023, residents can purchase discounted composters and water butts through our website.

The scheme will run until 31 March 2024 or while stocks last.

We’re launching the scheme in partnership with GetComposting.

We know that residents are always looking for new ways to recycle their waste and this is a great option for residents with gardens, big and small.

Let’s be more environmentally friendly

Composting and collecting rainwater can have a huge positive impact on the environment.

By using a composter, you’ll be dealing with your garden and kitchen waste in the most environmentally friendly way.

Compost is full of nutrients your plants need so it's an ideal fertiliser, mulch, and soil improver. You can transform your garden and kitchen waste into rich, fertile compost that will nourish your garden soil and plants.

Urban wildlife will benefit from the improvements to soil too.

Compost reduces plants' needs for water by increasing how much water can be held by the soil. This increased water retention reduces demand for tap water, which is good for people and the planet during droughts and improves plant health during dry summer months.

By using a water butt, you’ll be protecting the environment, lowering water usage and waste and reducing resources used to provide clean water for drinking.

Making use of rainwater collected by your water butt for flower beds, greenhouse plants and vegetable patches is a sustainable use of water that would usually go down the drain.

Adapting to a changing climate

As well as being helpful during droughts, water butts and composters reduce flood risk in the city.

The more organic matter in our soils because of compost, the more water it can hold to slow the flow of rainwater and help reduce flooding.

A network of water butts across the city can reduce flood risk, especially in dense urban areas with high roof coverage.

This makes composters and water butts valuable assets for adapting to a changing climate and protecting people and nature from the adverse effects of flooding.

For more ways to transform your garden and reduce flood risk, learn about raingardens on The Aquifer Partnership’s website.

Carbon neutral city

We’re committed to becoming a carbon neutral city by 2030, reducing the impacts of climate change through adaptation measures, and improving local biodiversity.

This scheme forms part of our Carbon Neutral 2030 programme.

We’ve provided funding from the Carbon Neutral Fund to encourage Brighton & Hove residents to participate in reaching our goal.

Find out more ways to help the environment and support biodiversity in our climate action hub.

Discounted composters and water butts

There are a range of discounted composters and water butts available.

A 220-litre compost bin can be purchased for just £12.50 and a 100-litre water butt for just £10.

You can explore the full range of garden-based waste solutions and products on the Get Composting website.

The scheme makes caring for the environment easier and affordable.

To find out more about the scheme visit our composting webpage.

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