Proposals for fairer bank holiday pay

Proposals for a fairer system of bank holiday pay for council staff are set to be decided on by councillors later this autumn. 

The proposals would seek to equalise bank holiday pay for over 800 staff across the council in response to issues raised by the Unison trade union.

Affected staff would be given 70% of the total back pay to cover the past six years and a 100% top-up payment to equalise bank holiday pay in future. 

Councillor Bella Sankey, Leader of the Council said: “We’re committed to being a fair and equal employer, and ensuring we have a pay and benefit system that applies equally across the organisation.

“Whether a driver at Cityclean or a care worker looking after our elderly, these proposals are designed to ensure everyone will receive equal holiday payments while working for the council.

“No staff will set to lose out from these proposals and many hundreds will see an increase in their bank holiday payments. 

“We entered into discussions with both our Trade Union colleagues to try and reach agreement on a reasonable settlement offer to all our staff who work bank holidays. 

“We’re proposing to settle proactively because we believe this is the right thing to do for our valued staff and ensures payments can be made quickly which is even more important during a cost-of-living crisis.”

The final offer will likely be taken to a special session of the Strategy, Finance & City Regeneration committee on Monday 18 September for approval. If approved work will start at pace with the aim of making payments as soon as is possible. 

The council will be using ACAS to support the process, and to ensure staff have all the information they need to make a decision about any proposed settlement offer.