Price change for Electric Vehicle charging

The increased cost of electricity means that from Monday 3 July, the cost of charging an electric vehicle in the city is having to change.

Rises in the cost of wholesale electricity means that the city’s electric vehicle charging operator, Blink Charging (formerly EB Charging), is having to increase prices. Many charge operators across the country have already done the same or are planning to do so.

At the moment, Blink Charging is, in some cases, paying more for electricity than they are charging users. This isn’t sustainable. 

We will continue to monitor price changes, and should electricity prices fall, charges will again be changed to reflect this,

From Monday 3 July, prices will be as follows:

Charger type

Previous cost 

New cost

Lamppost charger

39p per kwh

61p per kwh

Fast charger

39p per kwh

61p per kwh

Rapid charger

44p per kwh

79p per kwh

An electric vehicle charging point

Picture: One of the city's lamppost charging points

Global issues continuing to impact energy costs

Global issues impacting on energy prices have meant that bills have increased both in our own homes, but also for suppliers. This includes energy delivered from 100% renewable sources, like that supplied to electric vehicles in the city.

While prices are increasing, we still offer free parking while charging and 50% discounts to vehicles deemed low emission for a variety of permits, including resident permits. Low emissions is classed as a vehicle that emits less than 120g of CO2 per KM, which will include all pure EV vehicles

More information about electric vehicles and charging in Brighton & Hove.