Our ‘No Drive Top 5’ for Car Free Day

To mark Car Free Day 2023 (Friday 22 September), we’re promoting our ‘No Drive Top 5’ ways we’re supporting active and sustainable travel in Brighton & Hove.

The council is highlighting just some of the things we do which can help remove some of the cars on our roads to create space for those that really need it.

World Car Free Day is a day when ‘when all around the world towns and cities allow people to experience streets free of motor traffic.’

eCargo bikes

Our eCargo bike accelerator project supports local businesses to make the switch to using eCargo bikes for deliveries, suppliers and services with subsidies of up to £400.

We’ve also supported several companies with eCargo bikes for their business, including Bright On Boilers, a local boiler servicing and repair company.

Bright On Boilers’ Bruce Watt has been telling us about the benefits of using an eCargo bike for his business.

School Streets

Brighton & Hove has more than a dozen primary schools enjoying a safer journey to school thanks to our School Streets scheme.

By restricting access to most motor vehicles during pick up and drop off times, it’s now safer for parents, carers and the school community to get to and from the classroom.

It’s also helped to promote walking, scooting or cycling to school and improve air quality outside the school gates. St Mary’s School in Portslade had their School Street installed last summer. 


Brighton & Hove, with its miles of coastline, stunning parks and open spaces, is a fantastic place for walking.

It’s also a great way of improving your physical and mental health and wellbeing. 

Studies show that you can see the positive effects of small amounts of physical activity. 

This summer we held out first Walking Festival with more than 300 people taking part across a week of events and activities. 

Find out more about a stroll around Brighton & Hove. 

Beryl BTN Bikes

Earlier this year, we relaunched our very popular bike hire scheme with Beryl Bikes.

Within the next few weeks, the Beryl BTN Bikes scheme will boast a total of 780 bikes, including 468 e-bikes and 312 pedal bikes.

A cheap and active option for moving around the city, with e-bikes helping on those windy days and up those challenging hills.

Download the Beryl App to see where you can hire a Beryl BTN Bike near you and find out more on our website. 

A person standing next to a bike on a seafront promenade


Since launching in 2021, more than 4000 people have joined out Move for Change challenge through the BetterPoints app.

You can earn points and rewards by travelling actively and sustainably around Brighton & Hove, whether on foot, by bike, scooting or even public transport.

Once you’ve sign up to the challenge, you’ll earn BetterPoints for active or sustainable travel which can be redeemed for discounts and vouchers at local shops. BetterPoints can also be donated to local charities. 

Two men and two children walking with the word 'Betterpoints' underneath