New, healthier trees for Western Road

We’ll be carrying out work to replace two trees in Western Road with new, healthier species.

We’ll be removing the Ash and Robinia trees just west of Hampton Road, that are in poor health and risk becoming unsafe in a busy area of the city.

The Ash will soon be in danger of falling while the Robinia’s roots are being damaged by a steel frame around it, while other roots are lifting and causing a trip hazard.

These will be replaced with two new trees, approximately three metres in height at the time of planting and in a way that will give them a better chance to mature and thrive for decades to come.

A picture of a tree stump with roots protruding from the ground

Picture: The Robinia Tree with steel frame and lifting roots

The replacement trees

The replacement trees will be planted during the autumn and winter planting season. These, and the new trees being planted in the area, will be a combination of three species.

  • Elm (Ulmus New Horizon) – a species resistant to Elm Disease
  • Acer Campestre (‘Streetwise’) and
  • Gleditsia Triacanthos (‘Sunburst’)

More trees planned under Western Road scheme

All care is being taken to protect existing trees during the improvement work on Western Road. This includes working with Arboriculture experts to provide advice and supervision.

The scheme includes plans to plant new ten new trees in addition to those being replaced. 

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