New framework proposed for better, safer streets

Councillors will next week be asked to approve a new method for improving the safety of pedestrians and cyclists in Brighton & Hove.

Members of the Environment, Transport and Sustainability committee will be presented with a framework which, if approved, would give council officers a better way of assessing and prioritising road safety improvements in the city.

These could include things like pedestrian crossings, traffic calming measures, filters and Low Traffic Neighbourhood infrastructure.

The framework would also assist us in delivering those priority areas identified in our Local Cycling & Walking Infrastructure Plan and the emerging Local Transport Plan 5.


We receive a lot of requests from worried residents about road safety. These include concerns about speeding, rat running, cycle safety or perceived collision blackspots.

At the moment, the funding we have for tackling these concerns is limited to those areas where most collisions occur in an attempt to reduce casualty rates.

This new framework would also take into account a range of other social factors, such as the perceived risk to pedestrians and cyclists, concerns about speeding or traffic volume, local walking and cycling priority areas, air quality and ways to encourage more active and sustainable travel.

Read the new framework’s methodology.

Next steps

If approved by committee members, the new framework would be used to assess new requests with a priority list drawn up and presented to the ETS committee annually for approval.

Councillor Steve Davis, Co-Chair of the Environment, Transport and Sustainability committee said: “This new framework is a much more robust way of improving the safety on our roads.

“Traditionally we’ve always prioritised areas where most collisions occur, but this new method will also take into account a host of other factors, including areas where people feel there’s a danger to themselves or their loved ones.

“We want people to walk and cycle more and they will only do that if they feel safe doing so.”  

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