New film shows any of us can be a foster carer

The film, called Any of Us, was launched today, Tuesday, 26 September, at a private screening at the City's Ironworks Studios.

The national launch of the film took place at the same time at the Everyman cinema, Birmingham.

Everyone has a part to play

The short film looks at three very different people who all show some of the qualities needed to be a foster carer.

The film develops so it becomes clear one of these three everyday people will become the foster carer to a young person called Chloe.

The film highlights the urgent need for more foster carers to step forward and that we all have a part to play in giving children a chance to thrive.

Any Of Us is the sixth film produced by a growing partnership of councils and children's trusts to promote local authority fostering.

Providing a stable, loving home

Brighton & Hove City Council's, Director of Families, Children and Learning, Deb Austin, said: "Our foster carers make a significant and lasting difference to childhoods by the commitment and care they provide.

"We are proud that Brighton and Hove City Council are a Fostering Friendly Employer. We encourage our communities, the city and the Council to continue to have the conversations about fostering to ensure that finding safe, loving and stable homes for children in care remains a priority."

Councillor Lucy Helliwell, co-chair of the council's Children, Families and Schools committee, said: "Foster carers are amazing people who provide a stable, loving home for children and young people while their own family is unable to look after them.

"We are grateful to the wonderful people who currently foster in our city, but this new film encourages more people to come forward.

"Together with our fellow not-for-profit fostering services around the country, we aim to reach countless people via social media with this film and so help find safe, nurturing homes for children and teenagers."

Those who have been in care share their experiences 


"Before I came into care, my life was very chaotic, and then I came into care when I was about 11 or 12. I went straight into emergency care with a lady called Sue, and she had a massive impact on my life. She believed in me, she trusted me, she encouraged me to achieve whatever I wanted to achieve."


"My foster carer was called Bev, and when I was welcomed into her house, I just felt so held and safe by my foster carer. There are so many kids out there. If you have the opportunity to reshape and re-model a human being, it is just such an opportunity."


"The main thing that I felt being in foster care and my foster carers gave me was a space to be independent but also feel loved and feel kind of supported and people that I could go to if anything happened or if I was feeling a certain way and just having that sense of home in a way."


"My foster mum Shelly, I think she filled obviously not having a female role model in my life or a mother figure. She filled that void without even intending to, and I think that made the connection between us so special. We’re very, very close. I can’t really put it into words. She’s incredible." 

More information

If you’d like to know more about fostering in Brighton & Hove call 01273 295444 or visit our fostering website