New council roles confirmed at Annual Council Meeting

The key roles within the city's new Labour leadership have been approved at the council's Annual Council Meeting.

Committee chairs and deputy chairs were agreed by councillors at the meeting which took place at Brighton Town Hall last Thursday 25 May.

The Greens, Conservatives and Brighton & Hove Independents groups also announced their leaders and deputy leaders.

The meeting is the first to be held since the local elections on Thursday 4 May when Labour won a majority of the council seats.

New Mayor elected 

New and re-elected councillors also welcomed incoming Mayor, Councillor Jackie O'Quinn.

Tributes were also paid to former councillors who were given a certificate of service.  

New council leader Bella Sankey said: “It’s a humbling & inspiring honour to be nominated as the leader of Brighton & Hove City Council, the city I was born and grew up in.

"I'm also very proud to lead the most inclusive group of councillors the city has ever had, which reflects our rich and culturally diverse communities - including significant LGBTQ+ representation and our first Muslim Deputy Mayor.

'New future for the city' 

"So today is not only historic. It also represents a new future and new possibilities for Brighton & Hove.

"With this amazing team now in place, our task is to get to work, ensure our residents are listened to and we're delivering the services they deserve."

In her inaugural speech, Mayor O'Quinn thanked everyone who had nominated her for the position, and congratulated Brighton and Hove Albion on the team's amazing season.

She added: "I made my home in Brighton & Hove 28 years ago and never imagined I'd be it's Mayor. What a privilege."

'Mayor announced her charities' 

Mayor Quinn told the meeting her main charities would be all city-based: the RSPCA Brighton; Impact Initiatives; Together Co and Rise.

"I'm looking forward to working with these charities and supporting others, including clubs and businesses which are so important to the city."

Council positions agreed at the AGM

Mayoral appointments

Mayor of the City of Brighton & Hove: Councillor Jackie O’Quinn

Deputy Mayor:  Councillor Mohammed Asaduzzaman

Leader of the Council

Councillor Bella Sankey   

Labour group   

Leader (and council leader): Councillor Bella Sankey  

Deputy Leader: Councillor Gill Williams;

Deputy Leader (finance) Councillor Jacob Taylor   

Green group

Leader: Councillor Steve Davis

Deputy Leaders: Councillor Pete West and Councillor Sue Shanks  

Conservative and Unionist group

 Leader: Councillor Alistair McNair  

 Deputy Leaders: Councillor Anne Meadows and Councillor Carol Theobald  

Brighton & Hove Independents group

Leader: Councillor Bridget Fishleigh 

Committee chairs 

Policy Committees

  • Strategy, Finance & City Regeneration - Chair Bella Sankey; Deputy Jacob Taylor   

  • Children, Families & Schools – Joint Chairs Lucy Helliwell and Jacob Taylor; Deputy Les Hamilton 

  • City Environment, South Downs & The Sea – Chair Tim Rowkins; Deputy Theresa Fowler    

  • Transport & Sustainability – Chair Trevor Muten; Deputy Gary Wilkinson  

  • Housing & New Homes – Chair Gill Williams; Deputy Andrei Colzak  

  • Culture, Heritage, Sport, Tourism & Economic Regeneration - Chair Alan Robins; Deputy David McGregor    

  • Equalities, Community Safety & Human Rights – Chair Leslie Pumm; Deputy Maureen Winder 

Regulatory Committees 

  • Audit & Standards – Pete West 

Licensing and Planning Committees

  • Licensing and Licensing (2003) – Chair Emma Daniel; Deputy TJ Sheard 

  • Planning – Chair Liz Loughran; Deputy Jacob Allen 

  • Personnel Appeals – Chair Sue Shanks 

Overview & Scrutiny  

  • Health Overview & Scrutiny – Chair Theresa Fowler; Deputy Faiza Baghoth 


  • Health & Wellbeing Board – Chair Bruno Oliveira

  • Adult Social Care & Public Health – Chair Tristram Burden 

  • Corporate Parenting Board – Kerry Pickett