More money planned for city's foster carers

Brighton & Hove City Council is set to increase the amount paid to foster carers to help with the cost-of living-crisis. 

The council hopes this will help its campaign to attract more people to come forward to take on the role. 

Councillor Jacob Taylor, joint chair of the council’s Children, Families and Schools committee, said: “The city needs more foster carers. Children who are taken into care do much better in a family environment.

“We do all we can to make this happen at what it usually a traumatic time for a child. 

“We avoid using children’s homes wherever possible. So we are pleased to be able to increase allowances for fostering families in the city.

“It is common knowledge that money is tight for many local authorities, including Brighton & Hove. 

“But there is no more important task for a council than ensuring children in care are placed somewhere they can flourish. Ideally this is within a caring family.”

The Children, Families and Schools committee on 12 June will consider proposals including: 

  • increasing the care element of payments for 3 and 4-year-olds by £7 per week to £185
  • increasing the care element of payments for 16 and 17-year-olds by £37 per week to £303
  • offering two retention payments of £250 per year to all foster carers, one in July and then one in December.