Keep Brighton & Hove tidy for Pride

With our city’s biggest and busiest celebration just around the corner, we’re asking everyone to help us keep Brighton & Hove tidy this weekend.

Whether you’re having fun at the Pride Village Party, dancing away at Fabuloso in the Park or celebrating with friends by the sea, we can all do our bit to keep the city looking its best.

Let’s take Pride in our city this Pride weekend.

Using bins around the city

Please use one of our many bins to recycle or dispose of your rubbish.

We’re working closely with Pride and putting 120 extra rubbish bins out along the seafront and Hove Lawns, as well as in in Valley Gardens, London Road and Dyke Road Drive.

If you find the nearest bins full, please use the next one or take your litter home with you.

Reducing contamination where we can

Please try your best to recycle and help us reduce ‘contamination’ over the weekend.

Contamination is when recycling materials are put in the wrong recycling bin. For example, if a plastic bottle is placed into a glass recycling bin.

Many of our bins along the seafront have three separate sections in different colours so recycling by the sea is easier than ever.

On-the-spot fines for littering

In hopes of tackling littering this weekend, our Environmental Enforcement officers will be out patrolling the city and seafront.

Our enforcement officers will hand out on-the-spot fines of £150 to anyone caught dropping litter or disposing of it incorrectly.

They will also be in St James Street and Valley Gardens on Saturday and Sunday handing out free pocket ashtrays for disposing of cigarette ends and chewing gum.

Cleaning up during and after

We have extra street cleansing staff and sweepers working over the weekend in the city centre and on the seafront to keep on top of littering.

Our Cityclean team will also be picking up extra bin collections.

As well as the weekend clean up team, we’ll have extra staff continuing the clean-up at the beginning of next week.

Following such a busy event, it will take a few days to catch up with cleaning in the city centre so please bear with us.

If you see anywhere that needs attention, please let us know using our online request a clean-up form.

Brighton & Hove Pride events

Pride is responsible for the clean-up operations after the parade, in Preston Park and the area of the Pride Village Party in Kemptown.

If you’re taking part in the Pride celebrations, please take your cups back to the venue, whether in the Pride events or at one of the many pubs, cafés and bars across the city and on the beach.

After the events, Pride will work hard to get Preston Park and the Pride Village Party area open and back to normal as soon as possible.

Big Pride Beach Clean

We have teamed up with Pride to organise clean up events as part of the Big Pride Beach Clean on Sunday morning.

These events are all now fully booked and volunteers will be given a Sunday ticket to Fabuloso in the Park as a thank you for their time and commitment to keeping our beaches litter free.

Take pride in our city

Councillor Tim Rowkins, Chair of the City Environment, South Downs and The Sea Committee, said: “Pride is the centrepiece in the programme of events in Brighton & Hove. It is an incredible celebration, and brings thousands of people to our streets, beaches and parks.

“We’re working with Pride to keep the city tidy and have extra Cityclean staff out and about across the weekend emptying bins and making sure our streets are clean and litter-free.

“We can all do our bit to help keep Brighton & Hove tidy for Pride. Please always put your litter in a bin and if the bin is full, find another bin. There are plenty available!

“Let’s have fun and take Pride in our city this weekend.”

Advice for businesses and City Angels

We’re advising local businesses around the city to ensure their bins are securely contained for the weekend’s celebrations.

With thousands attending Pride events across the city, commercial bins on streets are likely to be used by Pride attendees so locking them will prevent this.

We support Pride’s City Angels initiative which asks local retailers, restaurants, hotels and other businesses to sign up and pledge to keep the front of your business clean, tidy and litter free over the Pride weekend.

The campaign also asks businesses to be vigilant to hate crime incidents over Pride weekend, report incidents to police and be fully supportive of LGBTQ initiatives and events taking place in the city.

For more up-to-date news and information about Pride, visit our Brighton & Hove Pride 2023 webpages.

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