Joint leaders statement on the Turkish and Syrian earthquakes

“On behalf of the city council and Brighton & Hove, we want to express our deep sorrow for the devastating earthquakes in Türkiye and Syria. The colossal loss of life is truly shocking and will leave long-lasting pain. 
“Our thoughts are with the Turkish and Syrian people and all those delivering the emergency response at this tragic time. We also stand with Brighton & Hove’s Turkish and Syrian communities who will inevitably be watching developments with considerable anxiety about their loved ones.
“Since 2015 the city has proudly welcomed refugees from the ongoing war in Syria. The city council is particularly mindful of Syrians whose families are in areas devastated by the earthquake but where aid agencies are facing extra challenges.  
“There is an urgent need to provide support to those affected and at this time we ask everyone to demonstrate our solidarity and help.” 
Donations can be given through the UK Disasters Emergency Committee
•    Councillor Phélim Mac Cafferty, Leader of the Council, Convenor of the Green Group 
•    Councillor Carmen Appich, Co-Leader of the Labour Group 
•    Councillor John Allcock, Co-Leader of the Labour Group 
•    Councillor Steve Bell, Leader of the Conservative Group