Hove Town Hall clock tower fenced off

We’ve had to fence off the Hove Town Hall clock tower area after the recent high winds damaged aluminium supporting a large windowpane.

The windowpane, on the staircase on the corner of Tisbury Road and Church Road, had the potential to fall onto the pavement below which was obviously a severe risk to people passing the area.

However, the structure was secured immediately it was noticed and there is no risk to our staff or the public.

The incident took place yesterday (Thursday) and our Principal Building Control Officer, called the East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service who assisted in making the windowpanes safe internally using ratchet straps.

Local company Thomas Doors and Windows also reinforced the internal supports to the windows.

Lee Sullivan Scaffolding, another local company, will be erecting scaffolding around the whole of the clock tower allowing the structure to be thoroughly inspected, and remedial actions will be taken.