Goldstone Primary School goes eco by launching refill shop

Goldstone Primary School in Hove has launched a refill shop to help parents and carers shop more sustainably and reduce single use plastic waste.  

The Goldstone Squeaky Green Shop ran for the first time on 31 March and is part of the Eco Refill Shops Coastal Pilot sponsored by Pupils Profit, an enterprise based PSHE programme.

Prices started at 30p per 100ml for refills of household essentials such as washing up liquid, hand soap, laundry detergent and fabric conditioner. The products on sale are ethically produced by Miniml and were chosen by Year 6 Goldstone pupils.  

The school plans to run the shop each month, using any profits to expand the range of ethical household products on sale.

The shop is initially only open to the Goldstone school community, but if profits and capacity allow it the shop will be extended to the general public.   

Alex Matthews, Year 6 class teacher at Goldstone Primary School, said: "Goldstone Squeaky Green were fantastic and have proven their motto true at the refill shop, people were able to go home clean and green.

"The children invested their own time after school to run the shop also many lunches and breaks to prepare for this event, they are a credit to their families and the community." 

Our City, Our World 

Goldstone Primary School got involved in the refill shop project through the Our City, Our World programme; a sustainability, climate change and environmental education strategy for Brighton & Hove schools.  

We are working with schools throughout the city on a whole school, whole city approach to sustainability and climate change. 

Find out more about Our City, Our World.