Expanding T-Zones to tidy up the city

We’re launching a public consultation to extend time-banding zones in the city.

We introduced time-banding zones, or T-Zones, in 2022 to manage commercial bins left out on roads and pavements in some central areas of Brighton & Hove.

We’re now seeking your views on extending T-Zones to tidy up other areas in the city.

Tidying up streets and pavements

Shops, bars, restaurants, takeaways and other traders outside of a T-Zone can leave their bins outside or near their premises all day, every day.

Bins left out on streets and pavements attract anti-social behaviour, fly-tipping and littering and obstruct pavements and create hazards.

The feedback we’ve received shows that the introduction of T-Zones has improved and tidied up the city, as well as ensuring that our streets and roads are more accessible for everyone.  

Extending T-Zones across the city

We’re looking to extend T-Zones to new areas of the city, which are available to review on our online managed commercial bins map.

The streets highlighted in green on the map are currently already in a T-Zone area and the streets in purple are the streets we’re proposing to introduce T-Zones.

Businesses in T-Zones can place their bins out for collection between 6pm and 9am on agreed collection days and must store them elsewhere at all other times.

If they don’t, they risk being issued a Fixed Penalty Notice of £110.

We’d like to hear from you

We’re keen to ensure our plans work for everyone in the city, including businesses, residents and the council, so we’d like to hear from you.

To make sure your views are heard, please complete our short online commercial bins on the highway consultation.

The consultation is open until 15 October.

Once the consultation is complete, the feedback will be presented to the City Environment, South Downs & The Sea Committee for councillors make the final decision.

We’re keen to tidy up the city

Councillor Tim Rowkins, Chair of the City Environment, South Downs and The Sea Committee, said: “We’ve heard from residents that commercial bins impact accessibility for families with buggies, wheelchair users and others with mobility issues.

“These large commercial bins and bags on streets and pavements are also an eyesore and affect residents’ enjoyment of their neighbourhoods.

“We’re really keen to tidy up the city, and want to hear from both residents and businesses about extending T-Zones in Brighton & Hove.

“We’ll use the consultation results to inform our decision to extend the areas currently covered so it is really important that we hear from a wide range of people.

“The consultation is open until 15 October, so please take 5 minutes to fill out the form and let us know what you think.”

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