eCargo bikes – see how you could join the movement

When: 10am – 2pm Wednesday 17 May

Where: Ship Street, Brighton

Businesses across Brighton & Hove are being given the chance to see how they could join the growing number of local companies using eCargo bikes around the city.

We’re going to be showcasing a selection of eCargo bikes, capable of carrying loads, at an expo event in in Ship Street at 10am on Wednesday 17 May.

The bikes will arrive in convoy having made their way along the seafront from Hove Town Hall.

You’ll be able to see the bikes up close and ask council officers and experts more about them.

It’s also an opportunity for all companies, big and small, to see how they could benefit from using eCargo bike services for collections, deliveries and providing services. 

The e-Cargo bikes project is one of the 8 stories we’re highlighting following on from Earth Day in April.

Eight for Earth Day recognises the positive actions of people making a difference to reducing the effects of climate change and restoring nature.

A person riding an ecargo bike, a bike with a large box on the front

Why go eCargo?

One of the biggest benefits to using eCargo bikes for deliveries is cost. 

The Energy Saving Trust estimate fuel costs of £24 per year for an eCargo bike vs £494 for an electric van or £855 for a diesel van.

There are also no parking and permit costs and insurance and servicing is generally cheaper than a motor vehicle.

Deliveries by eCargo bike can also be quicker and have physical and mental health benefits for their riders.

Supporting eCargo bike deliveries in the city

Our eCargo bike accelerator project has been supporting businesses in the city since May 2020.

In that time, we’ve helped 30 local companies switch to using an ecargo bike delivery service via a subsidy. Plus we helped some local companies get their own eCargo bikes. Collectively, they have made over 35,000 miles worth of journeys, saving over 16 tonnes of CO2

Now, thanks to funding from our Carbon Neutral Fund, we’re able to increase the subsidy amount and make some more bikes available for local businesses.

Find out more about our eCargo bike accelerator project.