A day of environmental enforcement action

We teamed up with Sussex Police for a day of environmental enforcement action.

Inspections were carried out to check that drivers had licences to dispose of waste legally and that their vehicles were securely and safely loaded.

11 fixed penalty notices (FPNs) were issued throughout the day.

We worked with police officers from the rural crime team and police community support officers from the neighbourhood policing team.

Waste transfer notices

All businesses that produce, carry or dispose of waste are legally required to have a waste transfer notice.

This includes licensed waste carriers that remove and transport waste to landfill and recycling centres.

Waste transfer notices are also known as duty of care certificates.

Our environmental enforcement team perform regular checks across the city to make sure businesses have waste transfer notices.

If your waste is dumped or disposed of illegally, you could be held responsible. To find out how to dispose of business waste, visit our rubbish webpages.

Read more about business waste offences in the Environmental Enforcement Framework.

Action taken

Our team diverted a total of 42 drivers into Preston Park to inspect their commercial vehicles and ask them to provide us with their waste transfer notices.

10 drivers carrying waste couldn't provide a waste transfer notice and were issued FPNs.

One driver was fined an FPN for carrying waste in their vehicle insecurely.

Sussex Police seized one vehicle without insurance and fined a driver without a valid MOT.

Graffiti deterrents

Environmental enforcement officers and police officers patrolled hotspots across Brighton & Hove.

The aim is that a visible enforcement presence will deter vandals.

Three teams each patrolled streets in the east, west and central areas of the city with particular focus on Western Road, New England Hill, the North Laine and Network Rail tunnels.

This is part of a year-long programme of targeted action zones in Brighton & Hove.

There has been a noticeable positive impact with fewer tagging offences reported since the programme began.

We continue to work closely with residents and Sussex Police to identify and take action against taggers in our city. If you see someone tagging, please report it through our environmental enforcement hotline on 01273 295063.

Rewarding outcome

Councillor Elaine Hills, Co-chair of the Environment, Transport & Sustainability Committee, said: “Waste transfer notices let us know who is responsible for disposing of commercial waste and rubbish. Businesses without a notice are more than likely disposing of waste illegally.

“It's important that businesses understand the impact fly-tipping has on our city. It is harmful to humans, wildlife, plants and damages the environment.

“Commercial waste includes rubbish from construction work too, so any residents having work done in their homes or gardens, for example, have a responsible to check their rubbish is being disposed of legally.”

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