Creating a new Christmas celebration for the city

Local artists, craftspeople, food producers and performers are being offered an exciting opportunity to be part of a new festive event in the city, as the council looks to create a new type of Christmas celebration.

The council will be consulting with local artists and residents and asking them to come forward with ideas to develop the new event.

New opportunity

Over the past two years, independent events company E3 Events has hosted a large Christmas market on Valley Gardens, as part of a three-year contract. However difficulties, including the effects of Covid, supply chain problems and other rising costs, means the company will not be returning this year.

The decision has opened up an opportunity for the council to create a new, smaller scale, community led event.

Community focused

Lead councillor for culture Alan Robins said: “We’re excited to announce our plans for a different type of Christmas celebration this year that will be community-focused and centered around our fantastic local artisans and performers.

“We’re thinking brass bands, choirs, gifts, crafts and fun for all the family.


“Rising costs have meant that the current operator has decided to withdraw from the event planned for Valley Gardens this December, giving us an opportunity to re-imagine the kind of Christmas celebration that we want in Brighton & Hove.

“We’ve not yet decided where this new event will take place and who we will work with to take on this project, but will be consulting potential partners, artists and citizens about ideas and opportunities in due course.”

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