Councillors asked to support feasibility study for Wish and Westbourne ‘Mini-Holland’ bid.

Councillors will next week be asked to support the next steps in a bid to deliver large scale benefits to active travel infrastructure in the west Hove area.

Members of the Environment, Transport and Sustainability committee will be presented with a report on a ‘Mini-Holland’ feasibility study in the Wish and Westbourne wards.

Brighton & Hove was one of 19 local authorities given feasibility funding by the Department for Transport (DfT) / Active Travel England last year. Only a handful are expected to be selected to receive full implementation funding.

Read the feasibility study

Working with the community

The study has been produced with input from key stakeholders in the area including the West Hove Forum, Hove Civic Society, local bus companies, local ward councillors and the local MP. 

If we were to receive full funding to go ahead with the project, we’d then carry out extensive engagement and full public consultation so that local residents, community groups and businesses could share with us their feedback and ideas for improving the area.

What is a ‘Mini-Holland’?

The DfT defines Mini-Hollands as: “intensive, transformational spending on local roads and streetscapes to make them, over time, as cycle and pedestrian-friendly as their Dutch equivalents. This includes installation of high-quality segregated cycle lanes on main roads, low-traffic neighbourhoods and high streets, and greater road space allocation for people walking.”

If approved and funding is secured, the project could include:

  • Junction improvements 
  • Road and pavement improvements near local shops 
  • Bus priority improvements 
  • Improved cycling infrastructure 
  • New pedestrian and cycle crossings

Proposals for improving the area would be worked up in conjunction with the local community should funding be secured. 

Fantastic opportunity 

Councillor Steve Davis, Co-Chair of the Environment, Transport and Sustainability committee said: “If approved and funded, this would be a fantastic opportunity for positive change in this area of west Hove.”

“The Wish and Westbourne wards are ideal for active travel improvements and upgrades to roads, pavements, junctions and public spaces near shops. 

“Working alongside the local community, we could deliver a project that would improve how people travel in and around the area, giving them safer and better access to active and sustainable transport. 

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