Climate action shows reduction in carbon emissions

Greenhouse gas emissions savings from 24 of the projects* funded by the council’s Carbon Neutral Fund (2022-24) are forecast to save the city more than 9,836 tonnes CO2e (carbon dioxide equivalent).

The savings are equivalent to a year’s worth of energy use from 1,239 homes** and account for around 1% of the city’s total carbon emissions.

They show the powerful impact of the council’s own carbon neutral projects across a range of actions, from reducing emissions from its buildings and fleet to encouraging sustainable behaviours among residents and businesses.

Responding to climate and biodiversity

Councillors will discuss the 2030 Carbon Neutral Programme at the Policy & Resources Committee on 16 March.

The programme sets out the council’s response to the climate and biodiversity crisis through more than 50 projects and activities covering carbon reduction, improving biodiversity and adapting to climate change.

Some of the 24 projects are forecast to make significant reductions in greenhouse gas emissions. They include:

  • 2,297 tonnes CO2e from the CityParks Diesel Reduction Programme which will reduce the use of diesel generators and provide clean power for event and community use 
  • 2,136 tonnes CO2e through additional sustainability measures on the Moulsecoomb Hub and Housing project, including ground source heat pumps
  • 444 tonnes CO2e as a result of restoring the historic grade II listed cast iron street lighting columns along Brighton’s seafront with LED lighting 

Benefiting the environment and economy

Councillor Phélim Mac Cafferty, chair of the Policy & Resources Committee, said: “It has never been clearer that we need to take bold action to protect the environment and rapidly adapt to the effects of climate change. So, it’s reassuring the action we are taking is reducing our impact on the environment and our toxic carbon emissions.

“But this isn’t just about measuring what’s happening, our actions are also seeing benefits for the city’s environment and local economy, from protecting a clean water supply to reducing flood risk. It has also strengthened knowledge and expertise in the city to assess future projects which will help us reduce our carbon footprint further.

“The Carbon Neutral Fund supports and accelerates council projects which put climate action front and centre of their work. This is really clear in the work to decarbonise the council’s fleet of vehicles, retrofitting council buildings, returning the Waterhall golf course to nature and ensuring people can choose walking and cycling first with our Local Transport Plan.”

More information

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* Of the 29 projects approved at Policy & Resources Committee in October 2022, five were not assessed for greenhouse gas emission savings as their objective was to address climate change adaptation or to enhance biodiversity.

That said, we can still expect greenhouse gas savings from these projects. For example, flood prevention projects

  • Reduce the need to process overspill flood water,
  • Prevent property damage
  • Protect natural carbon stores damaged by stormwater discharge
  • Help the natural underground aquifers that store our water to remain fuller during drier summers, avoiding the carbon-intensive alternative of developing and pumping water from reservoirs.

**Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies calculator 

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