A better Brighton & Hove for all - the council’s new plan for the city

A vision for a 'better Brighton & Hove for all' has been announced by the council in a proposed new Council Plan for 2023 to 2027. The plan will go before all 54 councillors for approval on Thursday 20 July. 

Talking about the bold new vision for the city, Councillor Bella Sankey, Leader of Brighton & Hove City Council said: “We all deserve to live in a city that we can be proud of – where everyone is included and has the opportunity to grow and thrive.

“We know that there’s inequality and injustice throughout Brighton & Hove and hardship felt by many of our residents. There’s a great desire to see essential every-day council services restored and revitalised.  

“I am determined that this council will deliver the services the city deserves and help alleviate hardship. We are close to our residents, visitors and businesses and will actively listen and respond to their needs.” 

The council’s new plan of action for the city outlines its core priorities for 2023 to 2027. Commenting on what a 'better Brighton & Hove for all' means in practice, the Council Leader said:

“Whether you live, work, study or just visiting, our vision is that Brighton & Hove can be:

  • A city to be proud of – we will champion a flourishing economy and a sustainable, safe and clean environment
  • A fair and inclusive city – with homes for all, we will work to reduce inequality, challenge discrimination, improve accessibility and keep people safe
  • A city where people can thrive – we will secure a better future for children and young people and enable people to live healthy and fulfilling lives
  • A city with responsive and well-run council services – we will put the needs of our residents, businesses and visitors at the heart of what we do and enable our hard-working staff to do their best”

“We are not just words. This is our plan setting out the real things we will do to create a better Brighton & Hove that can deliver real change and decent public services from the seafront and city centre, up to the suburbs and the South Downs!

“While I don’t underestimate the challenges the city and the council faces, I promise we will work hard, and I know we can meet them together and unlock our potential.”

If approved the plan for a better Brighton & Hove will shape council policy and services for years to come. 

Read the proposed plan and the council’s priorities for Brighton & Hove.