Applications open for youth led grants

Community organisations in Brighton & Hove can now apply for grants of between £500 and £3000 to fund projects for young people aged 11 to 19 (or up to 25 with special educational needs). 

Joint partnership bids can apply for up to £5000. 

The funding has been made available through the Youth led grants programme. 

Our priorities  

We are seeking bids that offer positive activities for young people, using traditional youth work approaches. 

These approaches will: 

  • improve young people’s health and wellbeing 

  • increase opportunities for young people to participate in new and challenging experiences 

  • increase volunteering and work experience opportunities 

  • support with recovering from the impact of Covid-19 

Young people produced the criteria that the projects need to meet and will also lead on deciding how the funding is allocated. 

The total funding available for the programme is £80,000. 

Applying for funding 

If an organisation has a project proposal, they will need to choose a Lead Youth Provider (from the list below) who they will need to contact to discuss their proposed application: 

  • The Hangleton & Knoll Project 

  • The Trust for Developing Communities 

  • Brighton Youth Centre 

  • Allsorts Youth Project 

  • Black & Minority Ethnic Young People's Project 

  • Extratime 

These groups can help with an organisation's application for funding and will also submit it on their behalf.  

Contact details can be found within the guidance document


The deadline to discuss any proposal or for advice, organisations will need to have contacted their chosen Lead Youth Provider by Monday 15 May. 

The chosen Lead Youth Provider can then help with any application and help submit it to the council by the deadline of Monday 29 May. 

Any project should aim to be ready to start from July 2022.