Wishing you a safe and tidy Jubilee weekend!

With nice weather predicted for much of the long Jubilee weekend, we’re expecting the city to be busy.

Please enjoy the break safely and help do your bit to help look after Brighton & Hove’s lovely seafront and open spaces!

Sea safety

If you’re planning to swim in the sea, please take extra care. The current is strong, the beach can shelve steeply and the water is not as warm as it looks. 

Only swim in the lifeguarded areas between the red and yellow flags.

  • even on an apparently clear sunny day, the sea is still very cold
  • it only takes a few minutes for the body’s core temperature to drop by two degrees and for the onset of hypothermia to begin
  • environmental conditions can be extremely challenging, even for the most experienced swimmer please don’t take inflatables into the sea
  • never jump from the pier or groynes

And please remember – it’s never safe to go into the sea when you’ve been drinking alcohol.

More information on staying safe in the sea.

Keep Brighton & Hove tidy

If you’re out and about enjoying the seafront or the city’s parks, please use the numerous bins provided across the city – including more than 600 on the seafront – to recycle or dispose of your rubbish.

Our Cityclean and City Parks staff will be out through the weekend cleaning up but bins can fill quickly over a busy weekend.

If the nearest bins are full, we’re calling on people to find another that isn’t or take their rubbish home.

We now issue a £150 fine for littering.

Don’t forget about the sun!

While we’re not yet in the height of summer, the sun can still pose a risk.

  • even if the weather is chilly, you can still get burnt by the sun if exposed for too long
  • cover up, apply sunscreen and stay in the shade
  • children are more vulnerable to the sun’s harmful rays, be sure they’re well protected
  • the effects of alcohol can be heightened if drinking in the sun

NHS sun safety tips and advice

Love our city

Leader of the Council, Councillor Phélim Mac Cafferty said: “Over the long weekend, we’re asking everyone to play their part to keep our seafront and parks safe and tidy.

“The seafront team and lifeguards work tirelessly to keep visitors safe, but with 8 miles of beach to patrol, it’s important that everyone plays their part.

“By following a few simple rules, we can all stay safe in the sea, on the beach and promenade.”

“Help council staff to keep the city look its best. There are more than 600 bins along the seafront and bins in all our parks.

“But please don’t leave rubbish by a bin that’s already full. Rubbish bags are easily pulled apart and then cause rubbish and health hazards. Take your rubbish to the nearest bin. If it's full, take it home.

“If you litter the beach or parks you should expect to be fined - it’s anti-social and ruins the seafront and parks. Never mind what it’s doing to our precious environment

“Please help us look after all our open spaces so we can all enjoy a safe, happy and tidy long weekend.”

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