Voices of Brighton & Hove residents to be heard in new health care system

A senior Brighton & Hove City councillor is to have a major role in the new NHS Integrated Care System for Sussex which launches this July.

From 1 July this year, 42 Integrated Care Systems across England will officially begin delivering NHS services as part of the government’s Health and Care Bill.

The changes see two new statutory entities created within Integrated Care Systems which together will provide the infrastructure for partners to work together as an ICS.

  • The Integrated Care Partnership – to be known in Sussex as the Sussex Health and Care Assembly
  • The Integrated Care Board – to be known in Sussex as NHS Sussex

Sussex’s Integrated Care System is to be known as the Sussex Health and Care System.

City residents will be loudly championed

Councillor Sue Shanks will sit on the Sussex Health & Care Assembly ensuring the Sussex Health and Care System is introduced and evolves with democratic oversight, ensuring the needs of Brighton & Hove residents will be loudly championed.

East Sussex County Council and West Sussex County Council will also have representation on the Assembly.

Cllr Shanks will also join all NHS Sussex Board meetings held in public as a non-voting observer for the first year of operation. This will be reviewed after one year.

Cllr Shanks said: “The new Sussex Health and Care System has the potential to make a massive difference to peoples’ health and wellbeing.

'We'll be at every level of the new system'

“But it means everyone involved in health and social care working collaboratively to deliver the very best services they can to meet the needs of everyone across Sussex.

“Further to successful negotiation, Brighton & Hove will have democratic representation at every level of the new Integrated Care System, and I want to thank NHS management for listening to and acting upon this.

“My role will be to stand up and argue for the health needs of people across the city. I look forward to working with the NHS in the months ahead to help put our residents’ health needs first.”

Complex challenges tackled easier

Closer working between the local NHS, local authorities and health and care organisations will mean complex challenges can be better tackled, including:

  • improving the health of children and young people
  • supporting people to stay well and independent
  • acting sooner to help those with preventable conditions
  • supporting those with long-term conditions or mental health issues
  • caring for those with multiple needs as populations age
  • getting the best from collective resources so people get care as quickly as possible.

'People need support across services'

Councillor Shanks added: “The pandemic proved just how important it is for different organisations to collaborate with each other, and how people need to be supported across a range of services.

“Partner organisations have been able to take decisions quicker and share resources more effectively for the benefit of our residents. This must continue when Sussex Health and Care System is launched in six weeks.”

Stephen Lightfoot, Chair Designate of both NHS Sussex and the Sussex Health and Care Assembly, said: “We very much welcome the greater involvement of Brighton & Hove City Council in the new arrangements for the health and care system in Sussex.

'Important we all work closer together'

“It is important that all public, voluntary and community partners work closer together in a more joined-up way to ensure our populations and communities get the care they need and are supported to live healthier lives.

“The local council and the NHS have been working together more closely in recent years and our aim is to build on this deliver better health and care services for everyone in Brighton & Hove.”

NHS Sussex will decide on how resources are given to NHS organisations throughout the county; lead the improvement and integration of health and care services; and replace the existing Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs).