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Carbon Neutral 2030 programme

Last summer, we launched our Carbon Neutral 2030 programme. This outlines the key actions and priority areas for the council to support Brighton & Hove on the journey to net zero by 2030. 

In July, the Policy & Resources Committee discussed the progress that has been made in the first year of the programme across all areas of the council in the Carbon Neutral 2030 annual report. 

These efforts have been recognised beyond the council: Brighton & Hove was named the most sustainable city in England in recent research conducted by travel booking site Omio. 

There is still much work to be done, and recent weather events have shown the urgency of continuing positive action to address climate change.

Warning signs

Councillor Phélim Mac Cafferty, leader of the council, said: 

“This summer we’ve seen up close what climate change looks like. The UK broke records for its hottest day ever with 40.3’ Celsius. Wildfires in 10 separate fires across London destroyed 41 homes and raged in the Midlands, Cornwall, and Yorkshire. Critical parts of transport infrastructure crumbled, power companies and hospitals faced outages while the economy took a substantial hit. 

“We are being warned that the climate emergency is happening here and now. Without really drastic, serious action, spearheaded by central government, we are hurtling towards global temperatures that in just a few years could tip us over into a widespread climate breakdown.

“So it’s more important than ever that we raise the profile of the city council’s ongoing and continued hard work on the journey to tackle the climate and biodiversity crises but acknowledge that there is still an enormous amount to do. This is about both reducing the worst effects of climate change while making adaptations to life in a world where climate change is sadly now the normal. 

“We will continue to do what we can within the budgetary and power restrictions of a local council but we need government to really lay out a new direction to get us to net zero.”

What we’ve done 

Here are some of the activities that have been taking place across the city over the last 3 months: 

What’s next? 

We’ll publish the Carbon Neutral 2030 annual report in September. It will cover all areas of the council’s work, from energy and water, transport and travel, to waste, procurement and the circular economy. Visit our Carbon Neutral 2030 webpage to learn more about the programme. 

We are also developing a new climate action hub on the website, bringing together existing and new resources to help residents, businesses and organisations be more sustainable and climate friendly.

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