Share your views on managing rubbish and recycling bins and boxes on pavements

Following an increase in complaints about household waste and recycling bins and boxes obstructing pavements in the city, we’re consulting on a proposal to help tackle the issue.

The proposal is to set up a new process to address bins or boxes we consider are causing a problem.

This would begin with a letter to residents advising them of how they should store their bins and boxes between collections, and asking them to move them before starting a more formal process if the advice is ignored.

If there’s still no action taken to resolve the problem, we would then consider issuing a Fixed Penalty Notice (FPN).

Before that process starts, our Environmental Enforcement Officers will visit a property reported to us to check if the bin or box is causing a problem.

It’s important to note this will not be applied to properties without room to store bins and boxes off the street.

We do acknowledge that some households only have the option to store bins and boxes on the highway.

The consultation is open until Sunday 28 August.

Clearing the pavements

The aim of the proposals is to better inform residents of what they need to do to avoid causing unnecessary obstruction to any passers-by.

We have information about the right way to use and store waste wheelie bins and the use of recycling bins and boxes.

We’re after your views on whether you agree we should issue FPNs to households who ignore the ask to move their bins and boxes and they continue to cause problems.

As well as making streets look unsightly, issues with leaving bins out can include:

  • causing an obstruction and forcing people using wheelchairs or buggies to walk on the road
  • restricting access to the pavement or street by being left out for several days.
  • increasing the risk of attracting vermin, such as leaving bags or open bins out for days before the collection is due

In each case, individual circumstances will be accounted for, taking into consideration the room available to store a bin.

Keeping Brighton & Hove tidy

Councillor Jamie Lloyd, deputy chair of the Environment, Transport & Sustainability Committee, said: “We need to make sure pavements in the city are clear and accessible for everyone.

“We’ve seen an increase in the number of complaints about bins and boxes in the street. People with disabilities or pushing buggies shouldn’t have to cross over because pavements are blocked by bins left out longer than they need to be.

“This also has an impact on Brighton & Hove as an attractive area to live, work and visit. We all have a part to play in keep the city tidy.

“The aim of these proposals is to address the issue of too many bins and boxes left on the street where they don’t need to be. Please do have your say in the survey. It’s quick, easy and your views count.”

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