Reduce, reuse, and repair for Brighton & Hove Circular Economy Week

Transitioning to a circular economy can help tackle climate change by reducing overconsumption and greenhouse gas emissions, designing out waste, and restoring and regenerating ecosystems.  

Earlier this year we launched our Circular Economy Routemap and Circular Economy Action Plan which will help Brighton & Hove move from a linear take-make, consume, and throw-away society towards a circular economy. 

We’ve created a dedicated page on our climate conversations platform to engage residents and businesses on the city’s journey to a circular economy. The website includes case studies, upcoming events, and recent news stories about circular practices in Brighton & Hove.  

Brighton & Hove Circular Economy Week  

This week is the very first Brighton & Hove Circular Economy Week, an annual event to celebrate our city-wide transition to a circular economy.  

Circular Brighton & Hove have organised a series of events for Brighton & Hove Circular Economy Week. This includes a walking tour of local circular economy projects and a session exploring how to keep electronics devices in use for longer.  

Download the free BetterPoints app and join the Make Materials Matter challenge before attending to earn 150 BetterPoints which can be redeemed for vouchers and discounts in local shops.  

Repair workshops  

Circular Brighton & Hove are hosting a series of Saturday workshops where you can learn how to repair electronics, fix bicycles, mend clothes and more.  

Tech-Takeback have helped save over 30 tonnes of older electrical plastic items from going to landfill through the opening of the Revaluit store on North Street. The not-for-profit collects donations of unwanted electronic items which are refurbished and repaired before being resold on a pay-what-you-can basis.   

Library of Things 

The council is also working with Tech-Takeback to create the Brighton & Hove Library of Things. The community network, which is due to launch soon, allows people to share and borrow useful household items such as drills, carpet cleaners and projectors. 

Free online course 

Adults can learn more about the circular economy by enrolling in a free online course, An Introduction to a Greener Economy. The 3-hour course was developed with our partners at BLUEPRINT to a Circular Economy.  

Become a Circular Economy Champion  

If you’d like to support our transition to a circular economy, we're looking for volunteers to join our network of Circular Economy Champions to help local residents reduce waste, recycle more, and become more circular.  

To sign up, send an email to or join our WhatsApp group

Free reuse services is a waste removal and reuse marketplace. There were more than 100 collections throughout Brighton & Hove in the last 6 months totalling 23.5 tonnes. 99% of this waste was diverted from landfill and a third was reused.  

There are a number of other platforms that promote reuse and prevent unwanted items from being sent to landfill, such as: 

  • Freegle 
  • Gumtree 
  • Olio  
  • Facebook Marketplace 

Moving to a circular economy 

Councillor Pete West, Chair of the Circular Economy Working Group, said: “Brighton & Hove Circular Economy Week is a valuable reminder of the impact our behaviour has on the environment.  

“Moving to a circular economy – one that minimises over-consumption and waste and restores nature – is a key part of the solution to the climate and biodiversity emergencies.  

“Businesses, organisations and individuals can support our transition to a circular economy by reducing waste, keeping products in use for longer and protecting natural ecosystems.  

“By working together, we can achieve our net zero commitments outlined in our Carbon Neutral 2030 programme while ensuring a healthy and sustainable future for Brighton & Hove.”  

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