£3 million playgrounds revamp gets into full swing

There are plans to upgrade 45 play areas over the next three years within Brighton & Hove.   

As part of this, we’d love to find out your views on the proposals for all our play areas, especially those close to you.  

Do look out for consultations in the future as there will be plenty coming up!  

What has happened so far 

25 of these sites were finished at the end of the financial year in March 2022, these have resulted in fun and inclusive areas that everyone within the city can enjoy. 

Proving more popular than ever, they are well-used by a wide range of people to meet friends, enjoy the outdoors and keep fit.  

Most importantly, your views will help us to identify potential improvements and establish the equipment most sought-after for these areas.  

By working together and taking account of your feedback, we can then utilise funds to ensure the play areas are as entertaining, exciting and inclusive as possible. 

Swinging into action 

This round of consultation is focusing on 7 playground refurbishments within the city, that are due to be upgraded by March 2023. We’d love to hear your thoughts on:  

  • Hollingdean Park Play Area                                                     
  • Knoll Park Play Area                                                                 
  • Saltdean Oval Play Area                                                        
  • Rottingdean Field Play Area                                                   
  • Woollards Field Play Area (Maggie’s Corner)                          
  • Whitehawk Way Play Area (Top Park)                                               
  • Woodingdean Central Play Area                                            

Share your views 

To make sure your views are heard, you’ll need to complete our short online Play Area Consultation.  

It’s really simple to do, all we’re asking is that you select your chosen playground from the list at the start of the survey that you’d like to tell us about. This round of consultation is open until Friday 27 May 2022. 

It’s a great opportunity for all our residents, including parents, carers, children and young people, to identify potential improvements and help shape the future of their play area for all. You can visit the survey here

Councillor Amy Heley, co-chair of the Environment, Transport & Sustainability Committee said: “This £3 million play refurbishment programme is an amazing investment for the city of Brighton & Hove.  

“Play areas and green spaces are instrumental in ensuring everyone has places they can visit to enjoy the fresh air, keep fit and meet friends. 

“Our CityParks team have been working extremely hard and have so far completed 25 of the sites listed for refurbishment. 

“There’s plenty more work to do though, and your views will help us to make informed decisions around the types of equipment to install in our play areas. 

“The consultations, such as those like Queens Park, have been extremely popular and we’re really keen to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to get involved and tell us your feedback.  

“Please make sure you share the consultation as far and wide as possible with all your friends and family.” 

How will the work be carried out? 

This programme is funded using Section 106 contributions received from developers as part of the planning process, Play Revenue and Capital Budgets. It’s worth highlighting that these funds can only be used on play areas within the vicinity of that development.  

Improvements to the Whitehawk Way, Woodingdean and Hollingdean play areas are being funded by the Housing Revenue Account.

We’ll also be inspecting the existing equipment and surfaces located within each of these play areas to ensure they are safe and removing any that do not meet the required safety standards  

Once consultations have closed all feedback will be carefully considered to help shape how we move forward to improve our play spaces within the city. 

Don’t delay, get involved and tell us your views today!  

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