Play area consultation to bring Queens Park a breath of fresh air

Play forms an intrinsic part of growing up, getting young people out into the fresh air, meeting up with friends and having the space outdoors to explore within a safe environment.

Improving the play area

We’ve been working closely with the Friends of Queens Park to establish plans for refurbishing some of the equipment within the play area. 

The consultation is open from 25 February until 8 April 2022 and is a great opportunity for you to have a say about the refresh of this popular play space.

Your views will help us to identify potential improvements and establish the equipment most sought-after, so together, we can utilise funds to ensure the area is as entertaining, exciting and inclusive as possible. 

Share your views

To make sure your views are heard, please complete our short online Queens Park Play Area Consultation. The consultation is open until 8 April 2022.

Councillor Amy Heley, co-chair of the Environment, Transport and Sustainability Committee said: “Play spaces are a great community asset, that are utilised by everyone.

“The Queens Park consultation is the last of the 2021 programme, with 24 out of 25 being refurbished by March 2022, and this is your chance to play a part in the re-development of these areas. 

“Being outside is great for children; exploring, playing and having fun.  This is why we’re focusing on our play parks to create areas where everyone can enjoy the outdoors.

“We have invested a total of £2.2m in play equipment, restoring these well-used areas for children all over the city.  This is an incredible achievement by those officers who have been working tirelessly to implement this programme.

"A further 11 sites will have refurbishment works completed before May 2023.

“It’s really important that we hear your views. Please encourage your friends, your caregivers, your parents and your grandparents to complete the questionnaire too!”

What are the aims?

The new equipment installed will provide dynamic play, primarily for children aged 4 to 14, inclusive of all levels of ability.

Other areas of the open space will remain for informal play and leisure. The new play features will complement the existing play equipment already installed – creating a more imaginative play space, giving children and young people a better experience and more enjoyable visit.

Consultation closes on 8 April 2022, when the feedback received will be used, to help shape the future proposals of the play area, with work being completed by 2023.

How will the work be carried out?

We’re using Section 106 contributions, received from developers as part of the planning process, to complete the first phase redevelopment. These funds can only be used on play areas within the vicinity of that development.

Current play equipment that will remain include the sandpit, train, playhouse, toddler swings, multi-play unit, multi-user seesaw and embankment slide.

The first phase comprises of swings, basket swings and an accessible roundabout.

Are there any plans to develop the area further?

When the first phase is complete, there is a second phase of development planned, which includes the remaining equipment outside of the red highlighted area. 

The Friends of Queens Park will be fundraising for the majority of the phase two refurbishments, supported by the council and the local community.