Move for Change challenge hits 2000 users to kick off year two

A challenge designed to encourage and reward people in Brighton & Hove for travelling actively and sustainably has hit a new milestone. 

2000 people have now signed up to our ‘Move for Change’ challenge using the BetterPoints app where residents and commuters to Brighton & Hove can earn points to be redeemed for discounts and vouchers at local shops. They can also be donated to support local charities.

Since the campaign launched in February 2021, there have been 2000 registered downloads. 

As the challenge enters its second year, there will be more opportunities for people to earn points, win prizes and be rewarded for travelling more actively and sustainable around the city.

In the year since its launch, those signing up have:

  • Travelled more than 835,000 miles by foot, bicycle and by public transport
  • Avoided using over 186,000kg in CO2 emissions
  • Burned almost 43 million calories

Incentivising active and sustainable travel

Councillor Steve Davis, Co-Chair of the Environment, Transport and Sustainability committee said: “It’s wonderful to see so many people signing up for the challenge. The challenge is a great example of partnership, with 40 local businesses, six transport operators and nine charities on board.

“We know we have lots to do to get more people walking, cycling and using public transport to get around the city, particularly for shorter journeys. It’s not just the health benefits we seek but in this cost of living crisis the financial as well. 

“I’m looking forward to seeing lots more people sign up in 2022 and continue our journey towards a carbon neutral Brighton & Hove.”

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