Making strides on climate and biodiversity action

Earlier in November, world leaders came together in Egypt for COP27, bringing the climate crisis to the forefront of public consciousness.  

And closer to home, a great deal of work has been taking place to support Brighton & Hove’s journey to net zero.  

After launching the Carbon Neutral 2030 programme in 2021, we published our first Carbon Neutral 2030 annual report. Alongside the full report, we have created a shorter summary of the Carbon Neutral 2030 annual report and an animation introducing the Carbon Neutral 2030 annual report.   

What we’ve done 

Listed below are some of the other activities that have taken place over the last 3 months to as we continue to progress towards carbon neutrality.    

Showcasing climate action 

Councillor Phélim Mac Cafferty, leader of the council, said: 

“In the last 3 months alone, we’ve seen the effects of climate change locally – from the hottest summer on record with wildfires raging across the countryside to flash flooding in the last week which has left vast areas across Sussex under water.   

“Every and all attempts to reduce harmful emissions to minimise our city’s impact on our precious environment are needed now more than ever before.   

“To showcase the action we are taking to prevent climate change, we have published the first Carbon Neutral 2030 annual report since the programme launched last year. And to help more people understand the importance of this work, we’ve also created an animation and summary of the report. 

“Local businesses and residents are such an incredibly important of how we will further reduce our carbon footprint, but in order to become a carbon neutral city, we need urgent, drastic action from central government to slow down and prevent the devastating effects of the climate crisis.”