Have your say on proposals to tackle flyposting and stickering

We’re consulting on illegal flyposting and stickering in the city and are after your thoughts on how we tackle this issue in the future.

Flyposting is putting up posters or stickers on properties, lampposts, telephone boxes or other structures on the streets, without consent.

These activities have a detrimental impact on the city – it looks unsightly and costs the council thousands of pounds to remove.

The consultation is open until Sunday 24 July 2022.

Ugly and costly problem

Flyposting and stickering are a recurring problem that have a detrimental effect on the city’s public realm. Both are difficult and costly to remove and have a negative impact on our environment, creating unsightly views within our street scene.

We recently introduced Community Protection Warnings (CPWs) and Community Protection Notices (CPNs) to tackle graffiti.

As part of this strategy, we’re looking to extend these further, with the aim of reducing the amount of flyposting and stickering in the city too, with a key focus on those who put up illegal flyposters for commercial gain.

We’re proposing to extend the use of CPWs and CPNs across the city to help us reduce the amount of flyposting and stickering in Brighton & Hove.

If approved, the proposal will allow us to issue CPWs and CPNs to anyone responsible for the flyposting. It helps us improve the cleanliness of the city through more effective enforcement.

Love our city

Councillor Phélim Mac Cafferty, Leader of the Council said: “It’s essential we do everything to improve the look and feel of the city.

“A key part of this is tackling problem flyposting and stickering. It’s not only a blight on the environment but very costly to clean up, especially at the rate it currently reappears.

“We know the bulk of the problem is illegal flyposting from companies, clubs and advertisers. Our aim in using the community protection warnings is to be better placed to tackle these repeat offenders more effectively. 

“The council is keen to hear your views on our proposals to help tackle the issue. Please do take part in the consultation to share your thoughts.”

Community Protection process

The process will involve issuing a CPW to an individual, business or organisation suspected of causing the problem. This will ask them to take reasonable steps to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

If the behaviour persists a CPN will be issued and if the recipient fails to adhere to this, the council may take further action such as issuing a Fixed Penalty Notice or court order.

Love our city and help us to improve the cleanliness of our environment.

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