Free, online course - Introducing a greener economy

Do you love the environment? Have you considered whether your passion for the environment could open the door to a job? Do you feel you’d like to know more about the circular economy and how it links with climate change?   

We have been working together with our partners at BLUEPRINT to a Circular Economy to provide a fantastic opportunity for businesses and individuals within the city, to learn more about the circular economy and what it entails.  

This new and exciting, free, 3-hour course provides an overview of the circular economy, including key definitions, hot topics and activities. 

By embracing this initiative, introducing small changes and encouraging others to do the same, together we can positively impact the environment and climate change before it’s too late. 

Linear to circular – what it all means 

At the moment, many of us follow a linear economy where items are made, used (often just once), and then disposed of or recycled.  

This isn't a sustainable way of making and using items. It leads to the majority of objects being used once and thrown away. Sadly, a popular example of this is mobile phones, they are difficult and expensive to fix, and are designed with a short useable lifespan.  

As we use more and more natural resources, a new, circular, model is needed, where items are designed to prevent waste and reused many times before they reach the end of their life.   

If you aren't sure what the Circular Economy is, or how it applies to you, you will really enjoy this training. It’s worthwhile checking out this quick video clip giving a succinct overview into becoming circular. 

Start your circular economy journey today 

You’ll learn about the roles of those involved in transitioning to a circular economy, as well as economic opportunities and benefits that becoming circular involves.  

It’s been created to offer you a useful starting point if you’re new to the subject and looking to gain some insight into this industry.  

Not only that, but if you’re considering setting up your own business it will provide a solid foundation to build upon, ensuring your new entity positively impacts the environment from the start. 

Councillor Amy Heley, co-chair of the Environment, Transport & Sustainability Committee said: “Switching our habits to become more circular, will help us to positively impact big issues, such as climate change, pollution and waste in the future. 

“This course covers key topics that will help you to understand more about the circular economy and how we, as businesses and residents, can make pledges to change small aspects of our everyday lives that will have a big impact on climate change and the environment.” 

Course aspects  

There is the option to attend a tutor-led session or complete it in your own time by signing up for the online course. It lasts 3 hours and you can complete the different modules in your own time, at a speed that works for you.   

Key topics include: 

  • Work, start-up and business opportunities 
  • Activities such as recycling, sharing, renting, refurbishing and repairing 
  • Extending product lifespans 

Other circular businesses  

We’re very lucky within Brighton & Hove, as there are a number of businesses, already leading the way, modelling themselves on and, embracing the circular economy.  

Many businesses have already expressed their interest to become part of the circular economy and are looking into products that can be reused, shared, rented and repurposed, instead of used and thrown away.  

For example, just a few of these include; Tech Takeback, Sew Fabulous, Super Looper, Smarter Uniforms, The Green Centre and the Brighton & Hove Food Partnership. Each of them is busy providing a fantastic circular service to the community, educating people in reducing, reusing, recycling and revamping.  

Everything circular is the future of the city. Start your journey today by learning more about the circular economy and how it positively impacts the environment, benefiting residents, businesses and organisations too!  

Interested in becoming a Circular Economy Champion? Find out more and sign up today! 

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