Climate action for September

Two national campaigns this month aim to encourage all of us make small changes to help reduce climate emissions from the things we buy and throw away.

With climate change affecting all of us, there’s never been a better time to act.

Organic September

The campaign Organic September invites people to make a pledge which collectively will make a difference and help shape a more sustainable future.

Pledges could include supporting local organic producers and independent shops, taking steps to reduce food waste, or having a go at growing your own nature-friendly fruit and veg at home or by joining a community garden scheme.

You can also join the soil hub Facebook group and sign a petition to support protecting nature in national policies. 

Find out how to get involved on the Organic September website.

In Brighton & Hove, Stanmer Organics has been established in Stanmer Park for 25 years and currently has 15 projects on 17 acres of land which is 100% certified organic. They offer a wide range of education, training and volunteering opportunities.

Brighton & Hove Food Partnership has put together a handy list of local and organic food stockists and tips for reducing food waste. Or sign up to help others by becoming a circular economy food champion.

Second-hand September 

We’re being challenged to buy second-hand only for the whole of September. The campaign is in its fourth year and was set up to inspire people to shop in a way that is kinder to people and the planet.

For plenty of tips and ways to get involved, explore Second Hand September on the Oxfam website.

Brighton & Hove is a fantastic place to shop for pre-loved and vintage items. Shop for electricals and pay what you can afford at the Revaluit store, source a school uniform through Smarter Uniforms, or browse for bigger items at the second hand superstore run by Emmaus in Portslade.

Our neighbours in Hove Town Hall, Platf9rm, put together a list of their favourite second hand and vintage shops for last year’s Second Hand September.

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