The city’s ‘Big Plan’ for adults with Learning Disabilities

Learning Disability Week is an annual opportunity to raise awareness of the challenges faced by people with a Learning Disability across the UK. 

Having a learning disability can make it harder to learn, understand, communicate or carry out everyday tasks. 

It's estimated that there are around 5000 working age adults with a learning disability in Brighton & Hove. It’s estimated this will rise to 5254 working age adults by 2035.   

'The Big Plan'  

We’ve published a city-wide strategy for adults with learning disabilities, to ensure they and their families get the advice, support and services they need. 

We worked with adults with learning disabilities, their carers and families, the local Clinical Commissioning Group, Sussex Partnership Foundation Trust, Speak Out, Carers Centre, Amaze, Parent Carers Council, professionals involved in services and providers to co-produce a strategy for the next few years.  

This city-wide strategy (known as the Big Plan) is based around six key priority areas and outcomes we hope to achieve in Brighton & Hove. The priorities and outcomes were developed through a range of engagement and consultation events and feedback.  

The six priorities are: 

  • Relationships, friendships and feeling safe – adults with learning disabilities are empowered to develop and maintain relationships and friendships and are supported to understand how to keep themselves safe 

  • Health and Wellbeing - adults with a learning disability live longer and have healthier and happier lives 

  • Activities, Work and Learning – adults with learning disabilities have access to a range of activities, work and learning opportunities in the city with the appropriate level of support they need.  

  • Housing and Support – adults with learning disabilities live in good quality accommodation that encourages independence with appropriate support to achieve this with choice of where and whom to live with. 

  • Transitions – moves between services or changes in provision, across all ages, are smooth, seamless and supportive. 

  • Information and Advice – adults with learning disabilities and their carers have access and know where to go for advice and information on services in the city. 

Councillor Sarah Nield, Deputy Chair of Brighton & Hove Council Health & Wellbeing Board said: 

“This is a really positive strategy that shows good partnership working.  

“Thank you to all the residents, families and carers who took the time to share your views. It was crucial that we asked the people who will be using the services what they thought. 

“What’s important now is that we continue to work together across the city to turn the strategy into action and ensure the services we provide have an impact on improving the quality of people’s lives.” 

More information 

The Big Plan was approved at the Health & Wellbeing Board in July 2021.  

Each of the priority areas has a workstream that includes key members from across the city who make up a working group to make sure progress is being made.  

The actions of the workstreams are overseen by the Adult Learning Disability Partnership Board.  

This strategy sits alongside the city-wide Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) strategy which focuses on the care and education needs of children with learning disabilities.    

If you need support 

Find out how you can get help if you have a learning disability using our Easy Read web pages

Our Specialist Community Disability Service supports people with a learning disability and their family or carers to make choices, increase their opportunities or get help from local services.