Brighton & Hove commended for climate action

Local action to tackle the climate and biodiversity emergencies has been recognised by the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP).  

The CDP provides over 1,000 cities around the world with a score, graded from A to D-, to guide them on their journey to net zero and focus efforts to accelerate climate action. 

Brighton & Hove City Council achieved an overall CDP score of A- for 2022, showing improvement on 2021’s score of B. This score compares well to the European average CDP score of C and global average of D. 

Making progress 

The report found that Brighton & Hove has demonstrated best practice standards for climate adaptation – adjusting to the current and future effects of climate change – and climate mitigation – reducing greenhouse gas emissions that cause climate change.  

The report highlighted that the council has set ambitious goals and has made progress towards achieving those goals. It also noted that climate action planning, targets and actions are all on track, and that we are making progress on assessment.  

Carbon Neutral 2030 

This score is underpinned by the council’s Carbon Neutral 2030 programme, which was launched in 2021. The programme brings together our ambitious but necessary goal of carbon neutrality with actions to reduce emissions and help the city adapt to life in a changing climate.  

Focusing efforts 

Councillor Phélim Mac Cafferty, leader of the council, said:  

“The Carbon Disclosure Project helps over 1,000 cities around the world measure their environmental impact, so it’s a fantastic achievement that Brighton & Hove City Council has been scored A- while most cities only achieve D.  

“This positive result shows that we’re making strides in our fight against the climate and biodiversity emergencies and that investment in climate action is helping us play our part.  

“This investment comes despite the Treasury persistently refusing to fund climate mitigation or adaptation at a local community level. 

“Of course, there is always work to do and room for improvement, so we now need to focus our efforts where we can make the greatest impact.  

“But in order to become carbon neutral by 2030, it’s crucial that residents, businesses, and organisations across Brighton & Hove join us on our journey to net zero by reducing their carbon footprints.” 

Year-on-year improvement 

A CDP spokesperson said: “CDP is delighted to score Brighton & Hove City Council an A- in 2022, marking a year-on-year improvement since its initial disclosure in 2020.  

“In the wake of COP27, climate leadership across all levels of government has never been more vital.  

“Brighton & Hove City Council are paving the way, joining over 1,000 cities globally who are committed to environmental action and transparency.” 

Next steps 

To continue making progress on climate action, we will be reviewing and refreshing the Carbon Neutral 2030 programme in 2023. This will set out the next steps for reducing harmful emissions in Brighton & Hove and adapting to the effects of climate change.  

In the new year we will also be launching a new climate action hub on the council’s website. This will bring together existing and new climate action resources in one place, to help residents, businesses, and organisations become more sustainable and climate friendly.  

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